Acting Workshop

Chrystèle Khodr is a theater performer and writer born in Beirut in 1983. She graduated in Performing Arts from the National Institute of Fine Arts (Beirut) and was trained in physical theater at the International School of Theatre LASSAAD - Lecoq pedagogy (Brussels). She wrote the solo "2007, or how I crushed my bubble envelopes." Khodr created Beirut Sepia and performed it in several festivals and spaces. She performed in Zoukak’s collective performances He who saw everything and Death comes through the eyes. She collaborates with Zoukak Collective on several projects.

Actress and creative consultant, Eliane Umuhire, was born in 1986 in Kigali. In addition to her accounting bachelor’s degree from the former National University of Butare, she holds a diploma of her acting courses at the “Centre Arabo-Africain de Recherches Theatrales du theatre el-hamra” of Tunis.

Eliane has been working together with “Mashirika Creative and performing arts” and “Ishyo arts center” since 2009.she has made a name for herself with first leading roles in stage performances, TV and radio dramas both on local and international stages.
Eliane is also the co-founder member of “Kaami arts” organization, a local NGO that hosts artists from different domains for the promotion of arts among children.