On December 17th 2010 a young Tunisian street vendor called Mohamed Bouazizi set fire to himself in protest against the regime. What followed was an extraordinary year of uprisings which broke out pretty much all over the Middle East, a wave of protest which was soon rather over-optimistically dubbed the “Arab Spring”. Almost every country in the region had its version of this Arab Spring. Oppression, unfair elections, corruption, price increases, lack of political freedom and unemployment were the most frequently cited causes of the protests and demonstrations. The incumbent governments were held responsible and in a number of cases overthrown, though often that brought little consolation… The media has reported widely on these (r)evolutions in recent years.

Theatre-maker Mokhallad Rasem asks what effect all these images have on other theatre directors and performers who live here in Belgium but have their roots in Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, etc. How does it feel? How as an expat do you process all the information that comes to you from family and friends who stayed behind? What does that information do to your body? How does the body react to violence and fear?

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