Go Forth is a performance and photo installation which questions how we create space in our lives for the presence of the absent. Drawing inspiration from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a 3,000-year-old funerary text, Schaal and her collaborators create a new translation through analog projection, sound, movement and text.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead was originally intended to provide the deceased with a blueprint to the after life. An individual would select chapters from the canon to compile a unique scroll with which to be buried and to provide their script for the after life. Schaal approaches the ancient text as a contemporary performance score. She excavates the spells and incantations to create a series of burial vignettes, fragments of translation, memory and imagination. Inspired by Schaal’s experience of ritualized grieving with her family in Rwanda and considering the unsettling intimacy between black people and death around the world GO FORTH paves way for its audience to reflect on their individual and collective mourning processes. GO FORTH invites contemplation through its sonic, visual, and movement vocabularies. The meditative and poetic quality of the design ignites audiences’ internal reflection.

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