This workshop will deal with the questions of how to make theatre in conflicts zones, how to work with vulnerable people victim of conflicts and how to deal with political issues. Participants in this workshop should be maximally 25.

It is conducted by Frédérique Lecomte who is the founder and main facilitator of the methodology of theatre and reconciliation. She is a sociologist, writer and a stage director, born in Belgium in 1958.

When: Sunday, 16 July, 2-5pm
Where: Kigali Genocide Memorial, Peace School

Trainer and expert in rebuilding traumatised and conflicted communities, she organises theatre workshops and shows with the community and for the community in war areas. These shows are played in front of thousands of spectators. In these areas, she creates a save space where everyone is free to speak (victims of torture and torturers, displaced and prisoners, Hutus and Tutsi in Burundi), who can, by means of theatre, be brought together around issues such as justice, trauma, elections, and land or ethnic conflicts.

In Belgium, she works with prisoners, psychiatric patients, diasporas, illegal migrants, and asylum seekers.
You are welcome to explore and practice the methodology of theatre and reconciliation from A to Z!

If you would like to participate, please send an email with your name, your phone number to

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