Performed by Mashirika

A collection of often unheard voices; a frank and urgent message from those who have survived much, to those who will shape the future. Zahabu tackles the societal menace of child abuse head-on, in a bid to demystify a practice that is generally treated as a taboo subject in most African societies. Zahabu mirrors young people on the run, running away from home searching for a new home.

In Zahabu is a teenage girl called zahabu who has to endure the humiliating ordeal of bearing her own father’s child. Does she kill the child and avert the shame, or should she brave the pregnancy and give birth to a child with whom to share a father?

The play also portrays an innocent child whose innocence is gone with the wind, after it witnesses the mother’s murder the entire family. The play tries to resolve the question of what is the best societal response to such a tragedy ,Thus raising the question ...would the victims of yesterday be the victims of tomorrow?.

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