Performed by Minwal Theatre Company

Barzakh, the loose translation of Isthmus in Arabic, is the barrier between two things. It is also the place that stands in between earth and the afterlife from the moment of death and until judgment, for (s) he whom has passed shall enter into a timeless and placeless space, where “No living being says to the dead: be me”. Many questions trouble the mind of human beings, from the thought of existence and being through to the end of life, or death, passing through time and the attempt to determine it. Humans are born into a world of experiences that begin and end, while the sole constant is time – never stopping, even with the sudden stop of a human being’s heartbeat.

The event in this theatre performance is the moment that is built upon through a situation. And this situation is focused on an accident that has pushed the actress (Roaa Bzeih) into the realm of the Isthmus - from one space of time into another - where she was revived after 35-minute of resuscitation due to a cessation of a heartbeat as a result of a tragic car accident that almost took her life.

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