Name of Performer: Radhika Bhavsar, Dancer and Special Projects Coordinator at Meher Dance Company
Name of Choreographer: Gopi Engineer, Artistic Director and Founder of Meher Dance Company

Time: 3:06 + 1-2 minute commentary for introduction, total: 5 minutes
Title of Piece: Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi
Translation: "I have roamed the world, there’s no one like you"
In the journey of self-discovery, surrender yourself completely & let the beauty of grace unfold…
Type: Semi Classical Indian Dance

Description of Piece: "The journey to self-discovery – my decision to find myself!"
With the strict values and upbringing of Indian culture -This piece represents the journey of and Indian women challenging herself to transform with limitless boundaries while unconditionally contributing to humanity – letting the beautify of her grace unfold; learning more and more about herself and how she can change her world through self-love, acceptance, and resilience…

Profile of Performer: Radhika Bhavsar is a Special Projects Coordinator for Meher Dance Company — a premiere Bollywood and Indian contemporary dance organization based in the United States whose work spans internationally since 2009. Choreographing and instructing children, adults, large groups, and special events for +20 years, Radhika specializes in Indian semi-classical, bollywood/fusion, and folk dance styles. Radhika has been living in Rwanda for the past year as a Global Health Corps Fellow working to strengthen rural health systems all while spreading awareness on social justice and public health issues using dance as a medium for communication and innovation to impact large communities and promote positive change.

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