Peformed by G.S. Rugoma Secondary School

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet tells the tale of two dueling families whom although are "both alike in dignity", feel superior to each other causing conflict. Through the course of the play, the audience witnesses the outcomes of these unnecessary conflict through the story of it’s lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who belong to separate families, respectively. Even deeper than the story of the play is the actors who will be telling the story. From an American outsider perspective in working with rural students, it is clear there is a socioeconomic divide between rural Rwandans and those who live in Kigali. The students at G.S. Rugoma and students from other rural schools often say they are uncivilized, and feel inadequate to other Rwandans who live in more urban areas. Through this project and the subsequent performance, the students will feel a sense of equality while sharing a story that in many ways, apart from external conflict that they were not alive to experience, mirrors their own experiences in dealing as a young Rwandan alike in dignity to others who share their country.

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