Ubumuntu Arts Festival in pictures

Published: 14 July 2015 at 11:30

Rwanda hosted the first ever Humanity (Ubumbuntu) arts festival aimed at telling stories of humanity in different contexts from across the globe.

Organised by the Mashirika performing arts and media company, the inaugural two-day festival brought together theater companies from 12 different countries, in what was dubbed an annual event.

The Ubumuntu arts festival featured panel discussions, workshops, and performances.

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A team from Uganda acts a scene of how armed forces and civilian women raped women during the 1994 genocides
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A team from Lebanon acts a death scene using the examples of war and human crisis that have wrecked the sense of humanity
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Media debates on why humanity has lost its original purpose
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Anger is what comes after war and through therapy like Clay therapy, one can deal with post-traumatic stress
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The Ubumuntu art festival also trained participants on how to deal with inner pain
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A team from Sri Lanka acts moments of death witnessed in their country and Rwanda
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Love conquers war and changes humanity and the way people think. A Kigali based Mashirika Art Group actors from Rwanda play a scene “Ring of Roses” to tell their new Rwandan story of love and forgiveness

Source: RwandaArts.

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